2013, September

Why Does My Hip Hurt?

There are multiple causes for hip pain Your medical doctor may not mention them all Soft tissue, AKA muscles, tightness often causes hip pain. The hip is composed of many muscles that allow us to move our legs in virtually any direction. Doctors often prescribe muscle relaxers in hopes of pain reduction, with few options. […]

Why Does My Low Back Hurt?

Do you suffer from low back pain? Does nothing seem to help it? Are you taking medication just to get through the day? Often low back pain is caused by tight muscles in the front of the hips. The iliopsoas (ˌil-ē-ō-ˈsō-əs, ˌil-ē-ˈäp-sə-wəs) connects from the ilium, or hip bone, to the spine from the sacrum up […]