Why Does My Low Back Hurt?

Why Does My Low Back Hurt?

Do you suffer from low back pain? Does nothing seem to help it? Are you taking medication just to get through the day?

Often low back pain is caused by tight muscles in the front of the hips. The iliopsoas (ˌil-ē-ō-ˈsō-əs, ˌil-ē-ˈäp-sə-wəs) connects from the ilium, or hip bone, to the spine from the sacrum up to about the mid back. It also connect to the front of the thigh.

When this muscle is tight it pulls on the lower spine causing pain. If not treated the upper thigh/groin will soon hurt as well.

Low Back Pain – there is relief!

A tight iliopsoas is often the cause of low back pain as depicted in this photo by the red.   Though not always the only cause. I gently massage the inside of the hip bone.  I have had this trouble and know the pain it can cause.
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