Top 10 Stressors

  1. Death of a spouseStress
  2. Jail Sentence
  3. Death of immediate family member
  4. Immediate family member commits suicide
  5. Getting into debt beyond means of repayment
  6. Period of homelessness
  7. Immediate family member seriously ill
  8. Unemployment (of head of household)
  9. Divorce
  10. Break up of family

Stress is not normal, it’s common, but it is not normal to be stressed on a continual basis.

There are many other causes of stress as well. Here are just a few:

Childhood experiences that stick with you, such as abuse. Research has proven that when we experience emotional difficulties as a child it can cause lifelong physical stress in the body. Growing up with an alcoholic or drug abuser can often cause adulthood psychological stress as well.

Illness, of a child or adult, can also cause stress. Not only are you attempting to get better, or get them better, there might be money issues coupled with the illness due to loss of income. Stress is a major contributing to disease. The World Health Organization has estimated that stress-related illnesses/diseases such as depression will rank as second on the mortality listings within 10 years.

Stress is the leading cause of death in America—AKA ischemic heart disease. The second leading cause is stroke, often caused by stress as well. According to World Health Organization ‘Tobacco use is a major cause of many of the world’s top killer diseases – including cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive lung disease and lung cancer. In total, tobacco use is responsible for the death of about 1 in 10 adults worldwide. Smoking is often the hidden cause of the disease recorded as responsible for death.’ Stressed out people often smoke. Number ten on the list? hypertensive heart disease, also caused by stress.

Stress is treatable and easily reduced. One leading cause of stress that is not on the top 10 list is keeping up with the ‘Joneses’. Rather than look at what we are not doing that they are doing, let’s look at what we want to do. It’s okay, and healthy, to have blank spots on the calendar. Our children can ride their bike to events rather than always counting on us to take them. Take a nap. Go for a walk. Of course, you can get a massage to help you out as well.

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