Tell Me Where It Hurts

Tell Me Where It Hurts

I had a client come in for a follow up to a previous issue that I was helping her with. When I asked if there was anything else bothering her she hesitated, then said ‘Well, you’re a miracle worker, so what the heck’. She went on to explain how she had a pain in her right knee from painting over the weekend. It lasted two days and went away but then the left started to hurt and, she explained, she didn’t understand why.
knee pain
While assessing her muscles, I found that she did still have pain in her right knee as well as several trigger points in both of her thighs. That’s right, her thighs. The problem most likely did not stem from the work she did while painting, it had probably been coming on for some time. This client had a previous injury that has put her right leg in a compression sock for six months. Muscles don’t like to be compressed, it tells them not to work. All the other muscles in this client’s legs have been working overtime to make up for those underneath the compression sock.

This is not to say the sock is a bad thing, she needs it to stave off blood clots, however, her muscles are taking a toll due to the extended compression.

I was able to do some therapy on the trigger points and relieve the pain in both of her knees.

Medical doctors rarely consider the ramification on soft tissue when prescribing. Had the doctor told her to stretch her leg and do the capital alphabet with her foot every night she might not have had the knee issues. But, that’s why I am here. I don’t profess to be a miracle worker, I don’t walk on water, however, I do know muscles pretty darn well. Don’t ever hold back, tell me where it hurts, you never know, I just might be able to help!

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