Want a $39 massage?

Want a $39 massage?







You want a $39 massage? Really?


Would you shop at KMart for a Coach purse, or Dollar Tree for a hammer? Sure, you can find similar items at these stores but what quality will you get?

The same is true with massage.

Some places charge low first-time rates because they have a lot of therapist to keep busy. The therapists are not all the best, they pretty much just hire whomever walks in the door so they can
get more people in for massage.

Not so with Atrium Wellness, Inc. Sure, we offer $10 off for the first visit, that’s to show you how good we are!
Orthopedic Manual Therapy involves a lot more than just rubbing lotion on your skin.

Besides assessing the pain/dysfunction you are experiencing we have a toolbox of techniques with which to treat you along with critical thinking skills to select which treatment would best suit you and your situation. We don’t pigeonhole you because no two bodies are alike.

We are also trained in joint mobilization. No, we don’t crack your joints like chiropractors do. We use heat and massage to gently manipulate the joints back into place. This is a two-fold treatment, it causes you less pain during the session and lasts longer than massage alone.

We also have more medical training than the typical massage therapist. Annie went to National University of Health Sciences, the nation’s premier institution for health science education, where she was taught by MDs, PhDs, and Chiropractors rather than massage therapists alone.

Her continued education includes a 5-day cadaver dissection lab, Neuromuscular Assessment & Treatment, Medically Oriented Massage, Pelvic Stabilization & Complicated Knee Conditions,
and much more.

We have helped such things as tailbone (sacrum) dysfunction, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, arthritis & joint pain, migraines, sciatica, TMJ, and much much more.

With us you get what you need ~ Wellness Through Massage ~

So, do you still want a $39 massage?

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