Treat Acne with Infrared Sauna

Treat Acne with Infrared Sauna

What about infrared sauna acne treatment? What will the infrared sauna do for acne? Most young adults in their 20s can get acne. This is not a life threatening condition, but at times acne can be very disfiguring and upsetting. And it can lead to permanent scarring. Our skin is covered with pores, sometimes these pores get blocked causing the sebum which normally drains to the surface to get trapped.

These are the ideal circumstances for bacteria to develop. One of the myths about acne is that washing your face more often can help you get rid of it. Pores are not blocked from the top down though and frequent washing can even cause skin irritation, which is not what we’re trying to accomplish.

While the infrared sauna might not be the be all end all cure for your acne problem, it will certainly help improve the situation. The heat in the infrared cabin causes the sebum to liquefy. Blocked sebum, dead skin cells and other impurities are expelled through excessive sweating in the infrared sauna. Acne treatment medications can of course still be used, but in the case of face creams it’s best not to use them right before an infrared sauna session, because most of the cream will be “flushed away” with perspiration.

Acne treatment programs will generally respond well to this natural method of skin cleansing. After all, sweating is our body’s natural mechanism to rinse clogged pores and if you ask anyone who regularly uses an infrared sauna, they will certainly brag about the amazing softening effect it has on the skin.

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