Detoxify, How Important for My Wellbeing?

Detoxify, How Important for My Wellbeing?

Why is it Important to Detoxify Our Bodies?

It’s critically important to detoxify. Thousands of toxins enter our body every day. This is creating disease from everything eaten, breathed, and touched. Our body creates new, weaker cells with the “food” fed to them. These weaker cells if not detoxed become disease.

There are numerous ways we detoxify. Our body detoxifies through bowels, tears, lungs, kidneys.  However, we detoxify deepest from sweat on the skin.

How to detoxify without drugs

A study in 2012 showed sweating with infrared sauna use was very effective at detoxifying harmful heavy metals such as: Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury. (Those of us from the 70’s remember playing with mercury in Physics class.) 

Study of sauna therapy concluded:

This investigation strongly suggests that utilizing sauna and nutritional therapy may alleviate chronic symptoms appearing after chemical exposures. Exposures are associated with methamphetamine-related law enforcement activities. This report has relevance to addressing the apparent ill effects of other complex chemical exposures. [PMC free article]

What is Far Infrared Sauna and Chromotherapy Therapy

Far Infrared Sauna and Chromotherapy, is a painless, drug free and relaxing detoxifier. Circulation increases into the smallest blood vessels and then out as sweat on your skin when detoxifying with dry heat, not steam, at a lower temperature 110° – 140°.  The sauna heats the body 1 1/2″ – 2″ below the skin. Which induces an artificial fever and stimulates the metabolism. It inhibits bacteria growth increasing all vital organs abilities and skin capacity to eliminate, detoxify and cleanse via profuse sweating.

Chromotherapy is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic radiation to heal diseases.


A recent scientific study disclosed that each cell in the body emits light. Color works through and in us, in every nerve, cell, gland and muscle. Within our body, our organs, muscles, cells and nerves all have a level of vibration.  Each color has its own frequency and vibration. Through extensive research, we know that color and light will help bring our physical and emotional systems into balance. (A. Cammilleri, Trainer)

  • Red – said to be a great energizer, providing energy empowerment and circulation.  It is a simulator of liver function and circulation.
  • Orange – meant to stimulate the body, free the mind for greater thinking and stimulate antibacterial effects.
  • Yellow – can help a person feel more optimistic and hopeful, providing inspirational thoughts.
  • Green – known for universal healing.  It helps muscles relax and holistic practitioners use it for speeding up all types of healing.
  • Blue – known  to relieve depression, anxiety, promote relaxation and aid in detoxification.
  • Purple – helps the mind deal with physical ailments of fibromyalgia and tension.

Why and How I am using this to Detoxify

At sixty I had pain from: car accidents, motorcycle accidents and many crazy adventures.  I swam every day for an hour usually 75 laps, as a passive exercise. One day my body froze in excruciating pain after swimming. (Think of the rusted Tin Man in the ‘Wizard of OZ’.) According to my Doctor, my body was releasing toxins into my muscles. I took painkillers and steroids for six weeks.

I moved to Illinois a few months ago and found a massage therapist who is wonderful.  She suggested a therapeutic massage and sauna at Atrium Wellness. After the healing massage I went into the sauna.

I Relaxed in a private sauna for 30 minutes, sweating out toxins that had infiltrated my body over the years. In two sauna sessions my chronic joint pain was gone. I bent over and realized there is no pain. I can move more freely every day. Any depression I felt has gone. I have more energy. My hair and nails are growing faster and stronger. My skin is clear and younger looking.

I enjoy my de-stress and healing time at Atrium Wellness two to four times a week. A private sauna, listening to my favorite music, or reading–listening to one as my husband enjoy–a book as there is a stereo system within the sauna cabin.

I will continue to write about my healing process.

Atrium Wellness is in Aurora, Illinois near the Fox Valley Mall, 75 Executive Drive, Suite 325, Aurora, IL 60504, to be exact.

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