Infrared Sauna and Lyme Disease

Infrared Sauna and Lyme Disease

An increasing number of Lyme disease suffers are turning to saunas to help relieve symptoms of Lyme Disease. Sufferers have overburdened kidneys and livers and benefit from the dry sauna. The warmth of the sauna is soothing to joint and muscle pain and patients are reporting improvement.

According to Disabled Reports Newsletter:Published: 2011-03-02:

“Lyme disease is caused by an infection of Borrelia spirochetes (a type of corkscrew-shaped bacteria). Typically, infected ticks transmit them to people through tick bites. Once in a person’s bloodstream, the spirochetes invade the muscles, tendons and internal organs. When coupled with the proper pharmacological treatments (IV or oral antibiotics and so forth), the deep, penetrating heat of infrared saunas makes the body a far less hospitable environment for the spirochetes.”

“Reports indicate that for at least some Lyme disease patients, infrared saunas are able to help alleviate some of the troublesome symptoms of this condition, including muscle spasms, constant chills, an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and the sensation of being in a mental fog.”


The Kidneys and Liver are two of the bodies internal detox avenues. Lyme Disease patients have overburdened livers and kidneys due to the stress incurred by inflammation and toxic burden created by chronic infection.  As a result, Lyme Disease patients often have very weak livers and kidneys.  This can lead to overwhelming symptoms of poisoning by the Lyme Disease neurotoxin.

But because our skin is the largest organ detoxing the body, dry sauna therapy assists the bodies detoxification process. Sauna therapy is calming, relaxing and easily tolerated by the body. It assists in their medications being used more affectively and alleviates pain and inflammation in the body due to the toxicity caught in the body.

Ask your doctor if you can benefit from dry sauna therapy.

Atrium Wellness Massage has two dry saunas with chromotherapy at their Aurora Illinois location behind the Fox valley Mall.


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