Annie Moore

Annie’s Journey Into Massage Therapy

Annie left her corporate career to become a massage therapist on a divine suggestion. Annie attended National University of Health Sciences in 2006 earning a diploma in Massage Therapy. While studying at the prestigious chiropractic college, Annie was practicing massage on friends of friends, neighbors and friends of neighbors, pretty much anyone she could get her hands on to obtain the maximum amount of experience.

Upon graduating, Annie was eager to obtain her license and begin helping others through therapeutic massage. Life has its way of unexpected turns and twists, which is exactly what happened in early 2007. Among other things, Annie’s brother desperately needed a place to live because he could no longer manage on his own. Annie and her husband took him in causing her to leave her corporate career much earlier than anticipated and jump into massage.

Annie thanks God for the gift and the inspiration to become educated in the field of therapeutic massage. Had the timing been different, her brother would have had to enter a nursing home years earlier than was ultimately necessary.