Gentle Touch for Seniors

Do you have a loved one in a nursing home, senior center, assisted living, or that receives home health care?

Why not give them the gift of touch? We will go to their location and give them a therapeutic massage for only $1/minute (minimum 30 minutes).

There is no better gift than human touch.

Please Help

8 daysPlease join us for an exclusive showing of the film “8 DAYS”. This is film shows a heart wrenchingly accurate picture of sex trafficking happening in our neighborhoods all over the US. It, sadly, is inspired by actual events. Education and Awareness are key, please help us by attending and spreading the word!

How many you ask? According to the state department “Human trafficking is a clandestine crime and few victims and survivors come forward for fear of retaliation, shame, or lack of understanding of what is happening to them.”

Ignoring sex trafficking doesn’t make it go away.

Chronic Pain – Check Your Desk

I was just reminded by an article in my massage journal that how we work on a computer, any kind–phone, tablet, desktop–matters. Heck, just how we sit matters. If you are over 40 your mom probably told you to sit up straight, well, she was right.

When sitting at a desk it is best to have our knees at a 90° with our feet flat on the floor. As I type this I’m sitting on a stool in my kitchen my left leg is bent with my foot against my right thigh and my right foot is on the rung of the stool with only the ball of the foot and big toe supported–not good. I really shouldn’t be sitting here for a long period because I am not able to put my feet flat with a 90° angle in my knees.

We need to be able to lean back, not all the way as in a lounge chair but to support our back. I am sitting slightly forward with only my very low back against the stool.

Our monitor, or whatever we are working on, needs to be at eye level. Check! I got that right!

When working on a computer, we have a tendency to use both hands, therefore, our forearms need to be supported from the elbow to the wrist. Check! Got it!

If using a tablet the monitor and hand/arm placement is an issue that is not easily corrected. I have attempted correct posture and limb placement with my tablet and never seem to find the proper fit. If you have, please let me know how.

Don’t wait too long to fix your posture, I can say from experience—as I have proven here—that it is tough to change the habits. When is too late? When you feel pins and needles in you hands or forearms, or your neck hurts, or you get frequent headaches (more than one a month), or you have an arch in your upper back with your shoulders rolling forward, etc. It’s best to change before you feel discomfort.

Oh, massage can help with the aches and pains you get from improper sitting, or even standing, so give us a call or book online now! Even if you have waited too long.

There are tons of articles, blogs, Facebook posts, etc. about posture but the one I like best is from Did you watch it? If not, you need to. It is quick, only 2 minutes long and it explains how not only you, but your child should sit at a computer. Great job!

BOGO applies! Buy one get one 1/2 off when you book both massages with Shanna before March 31, 2015. 

BOGO not to be combined with memberships, other offers, discounts, or specials.

We Need Your Help!

We Need Your Help!

Due to injury, I, Annie Moore, am not able to continue helping others at the same rate that I always have. I have been told if I keep up this pace, very soon I will never be able to massage again.  

Won’t you help us continue this service? We need to grow so I am not the only one doing this any longer; and in order to do this we need a new location and employees. The new location will be state of the art to better serve our clients and reduce wear and tear on the therapists.

In the past I held positions as an educator and trainer and plan to teach others to do what my clients have come to rely on to keep them moving. My clients look to me for relief of chronic pain. I am not the typical massage therapist who does mostly relaxation massage. I practice Orthopedic Manual Therapy, consisting of mostly deep tissue, which takes a toll on the body.

Some conditions I have helped include releasing debilitating scar tissue, relieving recurrent migraine headaches, decreasing the pain of fibromyalgia, and much more. 

Atrium Wellness offers 1/2 off to ALL first responders and 1/3 off to their immediate families—for life. They have our backs on a daily basis. As we have seen so much in the media these days, their jobs are death defying and extremely stressful. Many have been in multiple on-the-job accidents and experience chronic pain. Atrium is here for them; we’ve got their backs.

So many loved ones in nursing homes rarely get touched in a compassionate way. Atrium goes to them and gives them 30-60 minute massages to let them know they are cared for and give them a sense of oneness. This is at a low-cost rate of $1/minute.

We also offer cut-rate, sometimes Pro bono services to those who are not able to pay full-price, yet are not able to function without the relief we offer.

Reasons for Pain

I just had an encounter with a new client that is extremely common.

First of all, it was difficult to get her to agree that massage may be able to help her. This happens all the time because I am not the typical massage therapist, not a fluff-n-buff as I call it. I am a Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapist, meaning that I have much more medical training than the average massage therapist.

Then she wanted to ‘work through it’. This is a major misconception. Our bodies do a fantastic job of taking care of themselves. We don’t need to help a cut heal, the body does that for us. We don’t think about each individual step, the body takes care of it. We don’t think to blink when a bug flies into our eye, our body takes care of that. When something is wrong with this amazing machine the least we can do is take care of it.

When something is wrong with this amazing machine the least we can do is take care of it.

Ilio:longis painShe arrived with a pain in her upper back on the right side, as depicted by the yellow in the picture to the left. She   thought she did it during a specific move in her exercise class. During our discussion of her health history she mentioned that is the only thing wrong with her, otherwise she if very healthy besides the osteoporosis.

As I always do, I started by working on the unaffected side, her left side. No pain found, that’s good. I moved to the right side of her back, still no pain found. She was astounded, I, however, was not. As I checked her muscles she Psoas TrPscontinued explaining when the pain occurs. In doing so it was evident to me that the pain was not in the iliocostalis and/or longissimus muscles but probably in the iliopsoas (ĭl”ē-ō-sō ǎs).

The first two flex and extend the neck and trunk. This client mentioned that it hurts most when she twists, different story. The iliopsoas flexes and rotates the hip and thigh and rotates the pelvis at the hip. All that to say her pain was not with bending but in twisting. That’s a different muscle group all together.

I had her flip over and touched the iliopsoas and that was it! She was amazed!

PsoasSee, most massage therapists would not even look past the back muscles. In the rare case that they did, they probably would not know how to reach the deep muscles that attach to the spine. Not all therapist are equal, check the credentials of the person who is going to give you your next massage. Your body deserves it.

Not all therapist are equal

Next time you feel pain, stop. It is our bodies’ way of telling us something is wrong. Next, contact a professional, you are always welcome to call me, you don’t have to be a client. I’ll even talk to your massage therapist, after all, it is my duty to inform people of what causes discomfort if possible.

My office is 630-851-1412 or email me at

Stretches for those who sit

Here is a few quick stretches to do that are exceptionally good for those who sit at computers for long periods.

~All stretches should be held for 30 seconds, this helps the muscle realize it’s full length.

~DO NOT stretch to the point of pain, just to a good stretch. If you reach pain back off a bit.

~Sitting for longer than 30 minutes at a time is not health for your legs. Get up, go to the file cabinet, get a drink, go to the washroom, something–just move.

1) Hip extensor stretch. In this picture it is the left leg being stretched. The right does not need to be hanging so lying on the floor is sufficient. Pull the left knee toward the chest until a stretch is felt. Hold for 30 seconds.

Hip extensor stretch.

Hip extensor stretch.


2) Hip flexor stretch. Here the right leg is being stretched. With your hips on the very edge of the table/bed pull the left knee toward the chest while letting the right leg hang. The stretch should be felt in the front of the right hip. Hold for 30 seconds.

hip flexor stretch

Hip flexor stretch

3) Ankle flexor stretch. Put the topside (caudal) of the toes on the floor and gently press forward and down. This stretch should be felt in the shin area down to the ankle. Hold for 30 seconds.


Toe and Ankle extensor stretch

4) Arm extensor/flexor stretches. With the elbow of arm you are stretching locked pull back on the hand, not the fingers, as shown here on the right hand. The stretch should be felt just past your elbow. If not, move your right hand side to side slightly until you do feel the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds.arm extensor and flexor stretch

Let us know if you have questions. These stretches can be done as many as 3-4 times a day. — at Atrium Wellness, Inc. (4 photos)

How Often Should I Get Massaged

Massage is cumulative, if you get the second within a few days of the first we will be working off what we started. Otherwise, it goes back to square one.

It’s like taking two step, no make that three steps forward and two steps back. Our body’s way of telling us something is wrong is through pain. Typically the area that hurts now wasn’t just hurt but has been ailing for some time.

The final straw is PAIN. The body has the innate ability to repair damage, heal sores, and create scars to mend cuts. If we continue doing what caused the issue in the first place there is no time to fix the issue. After some time, pain is the result.