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Efficacy of Ultrasound

Atrium Wellness, Inc is founded on principles that work. We do manual therapy because it has been effective for thousands of years. If there is not credible scientific evidence to a modalities effectiveness we would rather go a different route. Because we are a medical massage therapy company we see a lot of clients because […]

Top 10 Stressors Death of a spouse Jail Sentence Death of immediate family member Immediate family member commits suicide Getting into debt beyond means of repayment Period of homelessness Immediate family member seriously ill Unemployment (of head of household) Divorce Break up of family Stress is not normal, it’s common, but it is not normal […]

Gentle Touch for Seniors

Do you have a loved one in a nursing home, senior center, assisted living, or that receives home health care? Why not give them the gift of touch? We will go to their location and give them a therapeutic massage for only $1/minute (minimum 30 minutes). There is no better gift than human touch.

Please Help

Please join us for an exclusive showing of the film “8 DAYS”. This is film shows a heart wrenchingly accurate picture of sex trafficking happening in our neighborhoods all over the US. It, sadly, is inspired by actual events. Education and Awareness are key, please help us by attending and spreading the word! How many […]

We Need Your Help!

We Need Your Help! Due to injury, I, Annie Moore, am not able to continue helping others at the same rate that I always have. I have been told if I keep up this pace, very soon I will never be able to massage again.   Won’t you help us continue this service? We need to […]

How Often Should I Get Massaged

Massage is cumulative, if you get the second within a few days of the first we will be working off what we started. Otherwise, it goes back to square one. It’s like taking two step, no make that three steps forward and two steps back. Our body’s way of telling us something is wrong is […]

Tired of Muscle Cramps?


Are you tired of muscle cramps? 

According to The Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy, 2006,  

“Spasms can be defined as electromyographic (EMG) activity as the result of increased neuromuscular tone of the entire muscle, and they are the result of nerve-initiated contractions.”

In short, a spasm is a muscle contraction or cramp. Typically the spasm will encompass the entire muscle fiber rather than just a bundle of cells.

The onset of a spasm is usually sudden and will often cause lack of control within that area and even a double-over effect. Spasms may last only moments but could cause disability for days. 


The journal also explains Myofascial Trigger Points (MTrP),

“a hyperirritable spot in skeletal muscle that is associated with a hypersensitive palpable nodule in a taut band”

This means it does not effect the entire muscle fiber, rather a bundle of muscle cells–the microscopic little things (myofibrils) that make up a muscle tissue. muscle-fiberTrigger points may be painful, however, they rarely debilitate unless untreated for an extended period. These are often not detectable except by a trained professional and frequently the site of the trigger point is not where the pain is located.  Trigger points typically refer pain to a distant site within the body and a manual therapist who has been specifically educated in this area will know where to look based on the location of the specific pain.

People often make the mistake of ‘walking it off’ or ‘working through’ when it comes to pain. Pain left untreated will continue in the cycle as shown here. This happens at such a slow rate that the person does not realize, and sometimes believes the pain is ‘moving around’.


Clients often call me looking for quick answers to these situations. Depending on the muscle involved, I may be able to give home remedies, if not, a manual therapy session, possibly multiple, is typically indicated.

During assessments, I often hear statements such as ‘it started here but stopped and now is over here’. One of the wonderful things about how our bodies are created is that they will continue to send warnings until it is no longer able. This point with muscle pain is called atrophy. Atrophy is the wasting away of tissue and is often irreparable. We’ll get more into atrophy in another blog.

For now, if you are experiencing pain, do yourself a favor and don’t ‘walk it off’. ‘No Pain, No Gain’ is a myth, but if you’re in the NFL or WWF I won’t fight you on it. Contact us, or another manual therapist you trust and get answers.

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About Our New Location

Map to Atrium Wellness, Inc 2059 Albright Rd, Montgomery IL Many of Atrium’s clients do not know about Center-fit, the new home of Atrium Wellness, Inc., Located at 2059 Albright Rd., Montgomery, IL 60538, Center-fit is a gym unlike any others in the area. Yes, they have ropes and boxes and even weights but Kettlebells […]