“Great!” Jim B

“Really helped to loosen my hip up. Thanks”  Ginny R

“Very knowledgeable and professional!”  Ivan P

“Excellent and professional service”  Ben J

“There is a personal touch, not only awareness of physiology but emotional well being” Steve C

“Best massage I have ever had! I felt so relaxed and calm afterwards and my body didn’t hurt.”  Paul N

“Always feel like I’m back in 1st gear, & that my issues have been resolved after my sessions !”  Dennis A

“Truly healing!”  Andy D

“Annie is truly one of the best! She has magic fingers and knows her stuff! You won’t be disappointed.”  Lynne M

“Very professional. Annie took the time to talk to me first, and learn about my pain before beginning therapy.”  Mike L

“A miracle worker. I am so thankful to have someone who knows what they are doing. I already feel more mobility and less pain.”  Jenn G

“It was a fabulous massage!”  Tracy O

“As a chiropractors it’s important to take care of my body. Annie is well-trained and very knowledgeable.”  Kendall P

“Annie is the best. Recommend highly.”  William M

“Annie is the best! Very professional. Extremely knowledgeable. She knows what she’s doing, and it makes a difference in my health. Thank you, Annie!”  Miriam M

“Atrium Wellness and their therapists are a breath of fresh air. Whether I need a break from the stress of life or relief from muscle pain, I know I will find exactly what I need at Atrium!”  Tori B

“Annie is amazing! She provides a professional and relaxing environment. She was able to alleviate all of my pain due to plantar fasciitis and sciatica. I recommend her to everyone I know!”  Julie M

“Very happy with the visit!”  Lynn L

“Annie’s amazing! Great experience!”  Tim W

“A miracle worker. I am so thankful to have someone who knows what they are doing. I already feel more mobility and less pain.”said Jenn G after a 30-minute session. December 2016

Run, don’t walk (unless you’re too sore to run 😉 to Atrium Wellness! Annie cured me of a painful hip that I had for 2 YEARS. Medication, shots at the hospital, chiropractors did not do anything for this pain. I had massages with Annie and slowly, the pain the left and a year later I am still pain free. Annie is a gifted massage therapist–you will not find her type of massage anywhere else. She is well educated, knowledgeable and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Seriously. Go. Now. Sherrie F. Yelp September 2016

Annie is an excellent massage therapist! I have been to other massage therapists in the past, but Annie is by far my favorite! Her knowledge about the human body and her expertise about therapeutic massage are a winning combination. I have neck/shoulder problems and sciatic issues and Annie has targeted these areas, which has brought me so much relief. You will not be disappointed with Annie!! Annie is wonderful! She spends time listening to you and targets problematic areas. You would will feel the tension melt away! Linda F, via Yelp September 2016

“As a chiropractor it’s important to take care of my body. Annie is well-trained and very knowledgeable.” Dr Kendall Price, August 2016

I have had massages over the years but when I received a massage from Annie, know it was the best I’ve ever had!   She takes time to talk with you to review your history and knows what to address during the massage.  I had a pain in my right knee that I had a chiropractor address with no relief therefore just learned to lived with.  Annie worked on that issue and the pain was gone and is still gone!! She definitely is an expertise in her profession. Mama N, via Yelp August, 2016

This place is awesome and I highly recommend making an appointment.  It’s so much more than your standard massage…best hour of my week! Fawn C, via Yelp August, 2016

I had some real bad shoulder and neck muscle problems. They were always tense and tight. After a few visits, she relaxed them back to normal. Bruce W, via Yelp, August 2016

It had been years since my last massage until I met with Annie last week. The counseling and therapeutic massage that I received from her was absolutely transcending. I don’t remember a massage being so relaxing, so freeing. When it was over I could literally feel the blood flowing through the vessels of my muscles. There was a release that felt like a pressure relief valve had been opened. I have a chronic arthritic neck condition and bone spurs in my neck. It’s causing (was causing) constant intense pain in my neck, upper back and shoulder and the constant muscle strains are (were) just as painful. Everyday life was uncomfortable to say the least. Almost immediately after my initial 1-hour massage with Annie, and after some light stretching exercises, the arthritic pain subsided to the point of nonexistence and the muscle strains are now more sporadic than constant. I believe with more therapy the muscle strains will go away completely. Annie is a great communicator who truly listens to my concerns. She offers useful expert information and illustration regarding muscles, muscle fibers, tendons, how they interrelate–and other things that I find interesting–that’s very easy for me to understand and provides guidance that I can use to maintain a comfortable  and pain-free lifestyle. Thanks Annie for your expertise and help. I look forward to my next and future massage therapy sessions with you! James Marshall


I have had massages with at least 20 different massage therapist over the course of the past 25 years and Annie Moore is honestly the best I’ve ever had. She understands trigger points and areas of pain as it relates to all the muscles. If this class is what helped her teach top of the profession, I highly recommend it to.

Posted by Monica Palmateer Tanney on December 2, 2015


I LOVE Annie. She is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of going to. I am convinced that there is a difference in care provided by massage therapists and Annie goes above and beyond, with her intelligence and thoughtfulness. She really listens and that makes all the difference. Like many people, I have a series of issues that are made worse by a series of circumstances and life events. Annie always takes the time to hear my whole story to provide complete care. She follows through with her clients to make sure that they are taking care of themselves in a healthy and mindful way.

I highly recommend her.

Posted by Maria Dripps-Paulson on November 19, 2015


Simply the Best!! Christmas is coming spoil everyone on your list!! Promise they will love a gift card for a massage!!

Posted by Judy Jackson Pershey on Saturday, November 14, 2015


Big shout out to Annie Moore at Atrium Wellness! My back is feeling much better! She really knows trigger points and can get to the root of your pain. THANK YOU ~Paula Keane


I just told Elena she was going to get to go play with some of her friends while I get my shoulder looked at by the amazing Annie Moore at Atrium Wellness, Inc. and the sweet girl bursts into tears. When she finally calms down, she tells me that she’s so sad because I’m hurt. The compassion is so sweet but the drama!

Jill Martin

I can truly speak from experience Annie Moore is my miracle to making me feel SO good. Yes how true it is when she says we need to care for ourselves so we can care for another! I care for my awesome fantastic hubby who has Parkinson’s. My massages help me mentally as well as physically feel great! I recommend her hands down!! Love you Annie!
Ginnie VanHooser


Annie – Thank you so much for a fantastic massage this morning! There is a reason that they call you “magic hands” because you really know what you are doing!

Karin McCarthy-lange

If you haven’t experienced a massage from Annie Moore of Atrium Wellness, Inc., you just simply haven’t experience a THERAPEUTIC massage before! There IS a difference! Annie is superior! I’ve had many massages through the years b/c of numerous muscle and skeletal problems/injuries, etc. Once I started going to Annie, I found my home, I don’t consider going elsewhere.

Annie’s attention to me as an individual with unique aches and pains makes me feel heard and respected. Her genuine CARE for my healing makes me feel special. Her knowledge of anatomy and movement patterns makes me feel confident. This is truly her life’s purpose. This is her gift!

Consider giving the gift of a therapeutic massage to someone you care about this holiday season and get one for yourself too – you are WORTH it!

Chris Reber

Annie has a very good ‘bedside manner’. As I am not easily relaxed, Annie was patient and professional in her approach before, during and after my massage.

Her expertise of pressure points and her technique in addressing those in the massage was impressive.

Annie didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear…I need to RELAX!!!

Larry Stec
I am so glad that is was Annie who gave me my first professional massage. Her professionalism did not take away form her down to earth personality that made me feel totally comfortable the entire time.

Annie’s knowledge was immediately apparent as we began the initial paperwork, but even more so as she was able to read my muscles…a REAL muscle whisperer! It was well worth my travels from Nebraska!

Lanette Stec

“I have had a lot of massages through the years. There is just no comparison to Annie’s magic hands! This is not your standard go-through-the-motions massage. She finds the problem areas, and works it until it’s fixed! I can not wait to go back! Thanks, Annie!”
Becky Lempa



After 1 session with Annie I felt amazing relief! I have a high stress job which tends to make me clench my teeth a lot.

I too was given medications for ear infections and allergies. Until it got to the point where it felt like someone was stabbing me in the ear.

I was also told about the mouth guard, but don’t use it. Annie Moore did show me a little trick that has helped when I feel it flare up.

My super busy season has started and I know I need to see you REALLY soon

Annie! I can’t thank you enough.

Rosanne Eisenberg

So, many of you know that I’ve gone back and forth with various injuries throughout the years.

I reluctantly sought out treatment, and finally found some relief, but not as much as I’d hoped. Enter Annie Moore of Atrium Wellness. I have NEVER in my life gotten a massage.

I was very apprehensive about it for many years, but Annie was very calming and put all my fears to rest right away. The whole process from start to finish was easy!

Why on Earth haven’t I done this before? Thank you so much Annie. I will DEFINITELY be back for another therapeutic massage.

Tony Tudisco, Realtor, Wheatland Realty



I made a massage appointment at Atrium Wellness with Annie after I had done an extensive workout. After my workout I was incredibly sore, stiff and feeling generally worn down and thought a massage might be what I needed.

This was my second, first time ever having a massage. I was more than pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. It was peaceful, friendly and relaxing! My massage appointment with Annie was everything I was hoping it to be and more. Rather than just being relaxed, she worked the tension and toxins out of my over worked muscles.

Immediately after the massage I felt relieved and relaxed. By that evening I was feeling as good as new and ready for another workout!

I would definitely recommend going to Atrium Wellness for a massage and any other wellness needs, it is by far the best all around massage experience I have ever had!!

Michaelene Majestic



I’ve gotten  massages through the years on vacation and have enjoyed them because they’re so relaxing. When I met Annie I didn’t think I needed massages on a regular basis yet the phrase she stated “therapeutic massage” got my attention.

I decided to book a massage with her and quickly realized this was unlike any massage I’ve ever had before. She alleviates areas of pain, eases stress and tension; truly therapeutic!

I see her on a regular basis and made her part of my health team as  my doctor believes in regular massages for overall well-being. I buy her 10 pack of massages wich are very affordable. I am honored to recommend Annie Moore to you.

Cindi Rees

I’ve noticed that my massage therapist, Annie Moore, has pretty extensive knowledge about muscles, the human body, and how it works.

So during my massage today I asked her if this was typical of all massage therapists. When I’ve had massages in the past, those other therapists have not seemed very knowledge about medical issues.

She said most therapists don’t have this knowledge. Annie studied at a school that provided her training in pathology and anatomy plus she’s taken additional classes on these medical subjects. I know I’m in good hands with Annie!

Kim Bockay


“Annie is a master at her trade and her massages have allowed me to continue my physical fitness regiment with much less difficulty and with much better results. I would very highly recommend her services for anyone looking to improve their health, general fitness and well being.”
M. Gillono