Trigger Point Therapy



Trigger Point Therapy

This bodywork focuses on stimulating and releasing “trigger points” in your body. There are several ways to treat trigger points including but not limited to direct pressure, ice massage, direct manipulation of proprioceptors and positional release with stretching just to name a few.
Trigger points are an area in a muscle where there is a decrease in the resistance to a nerve impulse brought about by prior or repeated stimulation that is aggravated by stress of any sort affecting the body or mind of the individual.

The person might experience referred pain (pain not at it’s source but elsewhere in the body) caused by nerve stimulation if the trigger point is near motor nerve (nerves that carry impulses outward to the muscles and glands) points.

The area of the trigger point is typically the motor point where the nerve stimulation initiates the contraction in a small, sensitive bundle of muscle fibers that in turn activates the entire muscle.


I’m a huge fan and believer in therapeutic massage, and have been to many therapists in different states (Illinois, Michigan, Texas). Annie is by far the most in tune with what needs worked on and how it connects and relates to other trouble spots within the body.

She doesn’t just go through a “routine” when she is giving massage, but she understand the muscles, pressure points and so forth. Not sure how to explain it except that it’s not only relaxing, but healing at the same time.

If you want a wonderful experience as far as massage, I would highly recommend Annie Moore with Atrium Wellness.

M. Tanney