Wellness Through Massage

We specialize in deep tissue massages and advanced bodywork for eliminating stress, resolving chronic pain, maintaining an active lifestyle, or aiding in recovery from sports, accidents, and injuries.

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Massage is a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being. Don't live with excess stress, pain, or muscle aches and tension.

When texting or leaving a message, please give us your name and reason for contacting us with a few choices of days/times you want to get in. For your convenience, our hours are listed below.

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We have a huge heart for charity, especially those that benefit children  in need. Compassion International is a trusted organization with many programs that benefit children around the world. We have been sponsoring children through them for many years.

Compassion partners with more than 6,900 churches in 26 countries to release over 1.8 million children and young adults from poverty.

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Want a $39 massage?

          You want a $39 massage? Really?   Would you shop at KMart for a Coach purse, or Dollar Tree for a hammer? Sure, you can find similar items at these stores but what quality will you get? The same is true with massage. Some places charge low first-time rates because […]

A good reason, if you need one…

Here is a good reason to get massages on a regular basis, if you need one. Spring is here an brings with it the start of all the sports you love to play like golf, tennis, soccer, gardening (I personally think it should be a sport), etc. This means you are going to use muscles […]


It’s the nature of a massage therapist’s work that clients seem to have the same issues in bundles. One week it’s shoulder pain, the next everyone’s low back hurts. I have been doing this for ten years, long enough to know this is the norm. Well, this week it’s stress. It’s a muscles job to […]

Tell Me Where It Hurts

I had a client come in for a follow up to a previous issue that I was helping her with. When I asked if there was anything else bothering her she hesitated, then said ‘Well, you’re a miracle worker, so what the heck’. She went on to explain how she had a pain in her […]