Nicole Tudisco

“Top Notch! Annie is absolutely the best! Very knowledgeable about the body and how to help relieve any trouble areas you have. More than just a massage she’s a solution to aches and pains!”

Kelley Bruick

“Atrium Wellness is a lifesaver for people with chronic pain diseases!! Annie Moore is a dedicated and very talented massage therapist who is up on all the latest pain management techniques. I have know Annie for years and she just keeps getting better! I highly recommend checking Atrium Wellness out.”

Lindsay R

“Annie needs to start a Massage School! Her knowledge of body, trigger point therapy and how the muscles respond to massage is surpassed by none. Her massages are truly therapeutic. They are effective without being painful.”

Christopher Baker

“Annie really takes the time to really talk with you and properly choose the best course of treatment to meet your individual need. I had dealt with chronic pain for years and had found little relief until I started going to Atrium Wellness.”

Daniel O’Dell

“Everything you want in a therapist. Annie is nice, professional, and passionate about healing you.”

Patricia C

“I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for a long time and found Atrium Wellness through google search. I must say Annie’s the best massage therapist I’ve come across. She took time to understand my concerns and pain points, and did not rush.”

Kathie Ziegler

“Annie is a wonderful, knowledgeable massage therapist. She is immediately able to hone in on problem areas and works diligently until the pain is reduced or eliminated.”

Carla Strominger

“I was very pleased with my 1st experience at Atrium Wellness and am so happy to have found Annie’s place. The far-infra-red sauna was wonderfully healing, detoxifying, and restorative. It is good to see this therapy being offered.”

Debra Pasek

“Annie is a great listener and is truly there to heal you. I have been to Atrium Wellness several times as well as other massage chains. Big difference. Treat yourself to Massage Therapy with Annie as opposed to a massage at a chain. Highly Recommend.”

Sean McNichols

“Annie has been great throughout my care with her. She is very caring and thoughtful at all times. She has been able to diagnose and treat symptoms that other providers have not been able to. I highly recommend her to anyone.”

Steve Bollweg

“I have been to many different massage therapist, and I can say Annie is the best.
She is skilled to find and deal with the many issues going on in my body.”

Hector Garcia

“This place is awesome (Annie) the massage therapist is great. As soon as you walk in she makes you feel at home. I’ve had upper back problems for a couple years now and after my visit with Annie, I’ve been feeling so much better.”

SmorgShow Podcast

“I was suffering from foot pain nearly four months after spraining my ankle. After trying all sorts of home remedies I decided to give deep tissue massage therapy a try. After two sessions with Annie, I am completely cured! Atrium Wellness provides a very relaxing atmosphere and I highly recommend their services!”

Monica Kannenwischer

“Annie was fantastic! I went to see her for my first pregnancy massage and she took an hour to discuss my questions and concerns and to evaluate my needs.

When she was massaging me, she found trigger points that were contributing to pain I was feeling and was able to greatly reduce the pain! I haven’t experienced pain reduction in those areas in a while – it was very relieving!

Annie is very knowledgeable about the body and about her art of massaging! Her space is very peaceful and clean! I highly recommend making an appointment with her!”

Tracy Olson

“It was a fabulous massage. She made sure I was comfortable the entire time. With special heat packs on my shoulders and feet.”

Laura Lee

“Annie Moore knows her stuff. I suffered with teigger point pain for 3 months and it was causing pain in my knee and I wasn’t able to sleep. 2 treatment, pain is gone. She is very thorough.”

Melissa Nehr

“I have had massages over the years but when I received a massage from Annie, know it was the best I’ve ever had! She takes time to talk with you to review your history and knows what to address during the massage.”

Trisha Larsen

“I have been dealing with back issues for years, I cant sleep because of this. After my massage with Annie, I actually slept that night. She loosened muscles i didn’t even know where tense. She was very kind and gave me ideas of stuff to do at home.”

Sherry Flugel

“I suffered from a fall that injured my hip. After 2 years of daily pain, I finally went through a series of costly and time consuming injections, chiropractic treatments and physical therapy, all of which did no good. I then went to Annie.”

Bodia Bodia

“Annie is the best! I’ve got two herniated discs and some radiculopathy to go along with them. Annie has done a great job in easing my chronic pain that comes with my condition. I tried acupuncture and chiropractic priori to massage therapy. Both helped, but neither helped to the extent that massage therapy has.”

Bob Kovanic

“I have had a chronic neck and headache issue. I have spent the last six months working with a chiropractor, who helped but did not relieve the problem. I met with Annie and she suggested coming on consecutive days to get a cumulative effect.”

Jan Sheldon

“Annie is amazing in treating chronic pain. She is able to find the sources of pain and treat them with a perfect touch.”

Evon Vargaz

“Anne Moore of Atrium Wellness is the best massage therapist I have ever had. She is so knowledgeable about her craft and one of the nicest people I know.”

Moriam Raji

“Annie is great! Always leave relaxed and calmed.”

Timmer Halligan

“Annie has an incredible passion for helping people and through massage brings so much happiness and wellness to her clients. She Rocks!”

Jackie Pipkin

“Annie gives a great massage and is a wonderful diagnostician. She knows just what your body needs.”